Frequently Asked Questions

What computers can iTeleport connect to?

iTeleport can connect to almost any flavor of Windows, Mac, and Linux.  See the Supported Platforms section of the Tech Specs page to see the full list of supported operating systems.

What devices does iTeleport run on?

iTeleport for iOS runs on any iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad running iOS 4.0 or later.
iTeleport for Mac runs on any App Store-enabled Mac (OS 10.6, 10.7 & 10.8).

What is iTeleport Connect? Is it required to use iTeleport?

iTeleport Connect is an optional helper application that automatically configures various network settings for you automatically. This is mostly helpful for users behind a home router. It is not required — instead you can configure all these settings manually.

Can I access my computer when I'm on 3G or a different Wi-Fi network?

Yes. Install iTeleport Connect on your computer to enable accessing your computer when you're not on the same Wi-Fi network.

Do I need to purchase iTeleport multiple times for each of my iOS devices?

No, you only need to purchase iTeleport once. Since iTeleport is a Universal app in the App Store, you will be able to download iTeleport to all of your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices.

Are multiple-screen displays supported?


Does iTeleport support SSH encryption?


Can I play audio from my computer on my device?

No, we do not currently support audio at this time.

Can I play video from my computer on my device?

Yes, you can play video, but it's usually pretty slow. Improving the performance is something we're working hard on.

Will Flash work when I'm browsing the web? What about Java?

Yes, Flash, Java, and any other platforms are supported. Browse the full web with iTeleport!

Can I connect to multiple computers with iTeleport?

Yes, you can configure an unlimited number of computers to connect with.

Can I wake up a sleeping computer with iTeleport?


Why does iTeleport ask for my Gmail credentials?

  • Using a Google account is not a requirement with iTeleport -- you can always use other methods to set up networking between iTeleport and your computer, and many users use these features daily. The manual setup guide is described on our site, and although it is a little cumbersome, it gets the job done: manual setup guide.
  • If you do use a Google account, the only aspects of the connection that Google helps with is in establishing a network connection between iTeleport and your computer. Why do we do this? Because the other alternatives (e.g. the manual setup guide) are very complex for laypeople to set up themselves, and we've put in a lot of work to leverage Google's infrastructure to simplify the connection setup for you. If you've ever used Google Talk to have a voice or video conversation with someone else, we're using the exact same method to provide a remote desktop 'conversation' between your iPad and the computer. The network connection itself supports encryption, so no one other than yourself and your computer can intercept the information (screen view, key presses, and mouse movements) traveling over the network. Moreover, in most cases, Google's servers are only used to set up the connection, not to relay the traffic for the entire connection. And finally, your VNC password is known only to you -- and so no one can access your computer without this password.

Why does my Google account login keep failing?

Your Google account has a number of security measures built into it, including detecting when you are logging in from an application, or even an unrecognized IP address. If you experience problems logging into your Google account from iTeleport, or iTeleport Connect, try the following:
  • Login to your Google account via Gmail. In most instances, Google will e-mail you a notification when a login attempt is blocked. Follow the provided link in this e-mail to indicate that you recognize the displayed IP addresses, as well as allowing access to the device or application accessing your account. (You can check your IP address here:
  • In case you see no notification e-mail from Google, login to your Gmail account via a browser, scroll to the bottom of the page, and you should see the following text (bottom right): "Last account activity: 0 minutes". Click on the "Details" link that appears below this text.

    In the pop-up window that opens, ensure you have Alert preferences set to "Show an alert for unusual activity".
Note: Google gives you the option of signing out all active sessions in this pop-up window. This action will clear all logins, across all your devices, applications and browsers to this Google account, including your Youtube login (if your accounts are linked).

Signing out of all your sessions, as well as waiting at least 30 minutes before attempting to sign-in again, has been known to fix login issues.

If however have continued problems, please visit

How do I send you the iTeleport Connect log?

If the iTeleport Connect window is not visible, go to the statusbar icon and open it.  Click Advanced Settings, and then click the Save Log To File.  Attach that file in your reply email to us.