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2011 Press:

wsj reviews iTeleport
Written by - Walt Mossberg. January 20, 2011

The article reviews iTeleport as a leading remote desktop app for iPad.

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nypost reviews iTeleport
Written by - Hilary Lewis. Posted January 15, 2011

NYPost features iTeleport as an iPhone app that enables users to work remotely.

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2010 Press:

allthingsd interviews iTeleport
Written by - Drake Martinet. Posted December 17, 2010

Allthingsd interviews Jahanzeb and Vishal about how iTeleport is turning VNC into an accessible, consumer-oriented technology.

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mixergy interviews iTeleport
Posted July 23, 2010

In this video interview, Andrew Warner asked Jahanzeb about our origin story, our culture of social impact, and where we're headed.

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interviews iTeleport
Written by - Matt Ruby. July 1, 2010

37Signals featured iTeleport in their "Bootstrapped, Profitable and Proud" series. (John Gruber also linked to this article on DaringFireball)

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wsj interviews iTeleport
Written by - Pui-Wing Tam. March 25, 2010

The article describes how iTeleport represents a upcoming trend in Silicon Valley startups.

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Our blog post on how we built iTeleport was retweeted widely, including a retweet by Tim O'Reilly and a link to the post from the front page of DaringFireball.
Apple mentioned iTeleport in one of the presentations during the WWDC 2010 conference, and specifically linked to our blog post on why Universal apps are the way to go.

2009 Press:

"...unbelievably wicked."
Talk by - David Pogue . December 2, 2009

David Pogue (the technology writer for the New York Times) demoed our app during his keynote address at Interop New York 2009.

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"Jaadu, King of the iPhone VNC apps"
Written by - The Apple Core, ZDNet . January 19, 2009

...the best iPhone VNC client anywhere -- Jaadu VNC. 

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2008 Press:

"...a Winning Application"

Written by - The Washington Post . July 7, 2008

[iTeleport] is a virtual network computing (VNC) client for the iPhone that allows you to see and control Macs and PCs on your network... 

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"And the winner is... Jaadu!" External Link
Written by - The iPhone Blog . October 23, 2008

[iTeleport] really is easy to use... 

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"...could be the best [iPhone application] that has been released so far" External Link
Written by - Toys and Gadgets

The application offers the best VNC experience possible and is better than GoToMyPC’s Windows Mobile client.... 

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"Best. iPhone. Application. Ever."
Written by - The Boy Genius Report . July 31, 2008

[iTeleport] offers the absolute best VNC experience on the iPhone. Scratch that. It offers the best VNC experience on any mobile device, ever... 

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