Support Jaadu Keypad

Basic Controls

If you've ever used a laptop touchpad, you already know exactly how to use iTeleport!

Imagine your iPhone as a wireless touchpad -- that's iTeleport's innovative interface, which makes it a breeze to control your computer, and is much easier to use than any competing interface out there.

The guide below explains how to perform common keyboard and mouse tasks such as clicking, scrolling, and typing when using iTeleport.

Check out the new features page for new controls as they are added.


For a demonstration of these commands, watch our videos!

Action iTeleport Input
Click Tap
Double Click Tap-Tap
Right Click Tap with two fingers
Drag Tap-Tap-Drag
Scroll Vertical Swipe with two fingers
Arrow Up/Down up/down
Arrow Left/Right left/right
(or horizontal swipe with two fingers)
Zoom Pinch
Type Keyboard
Enter OK
(or press return on the iPhone keyboard)
Full Screen
Swipe up with three fingers
(swipe down with three fingers to exit full screen)
Swipe up with three fingers
(when in full screen mode)
Quick zoom Tap with three fingers
Task switcher Horizontal swipe with three fingers
Quick task switch Horizontal swipe with four fingers
Show all open apps Swipe down with four fingers
Show desktop Swipe up with four fingers



Modifier Menu

Modifier Menu Modifier Menu

The Modifier Menu allows quick and easy access to the standard keyboard modifier buttons:

Mac PC
shift shift
ctrl ctrl
ctrl ctrl

Tapping a modifier button once will apply the selected modifier to the next key press only.

A double tap on any of the modifier buttons will change the icon's color to blue, and the selected modifier will remain active until the button is clicked again.

Remote Menu

Remote Menu Remote Menu

The Remote Menu allows quick access to a number of standard keys not accessible through the iPhone keyboard, as well as a numeric keypad. Additionally, the Remote Menu provides shortcuts to common functions such as copy/paste, close, quit, and the web browser 'back' button.

To access more buttons within the Remote Menu, swipe the buttons to the left.