We love hearing back from the most important people in our community -- our users!  Here are some of the wonderful comments we've gotten from you over the years.  If you'd like to add to these, please send us an email!
"I use it just about everyday to run updates on my mac, update financial records in Quicken, control the DVD player while my Mac is hooked up to my TV, gain access to flash sites when I'm on the go, show pictures that are on my Mac that I don't have on my iPhone, and the list goes on." 

"It's the single most useful app I have on my iPhone. I also work at an Apple retail store and rave about your product to customers and show it off when I can, so keep up the great work"

Matt J
"I'm a audio and video system designer.  I design, install, tour, and program systems for theater, church, arena, stadium, and the occasional high end home. Right now I'm trying out VNC to help with system setup.  I spend hours walking buildings during the process.  If I can connect to the system computer and not have to walk back to make a change then I can work faster and be more productive."

"Also like most geeks like myself, I get lots of help calls from wife, mom, sister, friends.  The next pc will be mom's so I can help her while I'm on the road."

Kenneth B
"I am a psychologist and work in a state hospital and have a small private
practice.  Since I have a home office and often see people away from home,
or consult with others while on the road, I need to be able to access things
at home if I leave something behind."

"When I purchased my iPhone (brand new) I immediately looked at VNC apps to
see if I could find one that offered the security and accessibility I
needed.  I also use VNC at home to check on documents or emails that have
already been downloaded to my office machine because my office is downstairs
and I spend a lot of time up stairs.  I also can trouble shoot my Son's
computer (and monitor his use) when he is surfing the web."

Jeffrey K
"I did a lot of research on my own to find your application. My goal was to be able to see my computer screen clearly to read all the text. You see I watch movies from ITunes on my TV screen, but can't always read all the text. Your application will allow me to use my IPhone like a remote. I can see what the screen says clearly and choose the movies on ITunes or online websites like Hulu."

Jennifer B
"I am a graphic designer and use computer and iPhone a lot. So, I like the idea of being able to access my home computer anytime and anywhere for so many reasons! :-)"

Ashley F
"I t is excellent for me to be able to access my home computer from work in case i leave any files behind.  And since my iMac is in the living room, I now have a constant security check of the house via webcam which is useful as well, and I can also keep a look out on the dog."

Malvin B
"I mostly use the app to retrieve photos and other non-work related documents (I send them to myself via email). I often assist my wife with computer questions, as she is not a tremendously experienced user. Finally, since the performance on my local WiFi network is excellent, I like to monitor downloads and other activities from various places in the house (like my bed!) without having to go to my computer (especially if I am interested in looking at a site that uses Flash, since the iPhone won’t support Flash)."

"I tried using Mocha VNC, both lite and standard, and while it worked passably well on my local WiFi network, connecting remotely over 3G or Edge rarely worked, and was very slow when it did. The controls were also not very robust, so I Googled “best iPhone VNC” and almost all review sites ranked your application as one of the best, if not the best, solution. I have been very happy with it."

Scott S

"I am an attorney--1 person practice with a pc in my home office and a laptop for mobile operations.  I have done away with my landline and use my iPhone for all business calls.  The majority of my business is by phone or emails, with clients in all 50 states.  My primary use of you product will be to access lenghty PDF files and excel docs from my home office pc when I don't have my laptop with me, giving me even greater mobility.   It seems to work well for that, but access is expectedly a little cumbersome just because of the tiny space on the iPhone, not due to your product."
Great product, well worth the price.   Thanks!"
"Two years ago, I had an accident and I broke my neck. I was paralyzed for my neck down as a result of my injury. The last two years I've spent trying to regain as much movement as I can. Before my accident, I was a computer programmer and used computers on a daily basis. After my accident, I struggled with just moving the mouse and trying to navigate my way around. Finally about a year after my accident, I began to get proficient with the computer again. I used adaptive items like a extra large trackball, voice recognition software, on-screen keyboard etc."

"Over the last year I relied heavily on voice recognition software for everything until about a month ago - I purchased your app. I felt compelled to let you know how much I love your application. I've gone from using the voice recognition 95% of the time to barely using it at all. My productivity has increased so much it's incredible. Your application along with the iPhone has helped me regain my proficiency to the point of hopefully being competitive in the job market, something I thought would be years down the road. Again, I cannot speak highly enough of your product and if I can ever do anything to help in future releases please do not hesitate to contact me."
Eric K
" I have a spinal injury and nerve damage going into my legs, I have severe pain that limits me to very little time setting up or standing so I have to spend my time horizontally, but I do have full use of my arms and hands. For years I had a interest in learning classical and first century Greek and I've purchased software for my laptop to help me with these studies. But my back pain has keep me from using this software until now, iTeleport has allowed me to be as comfortably as possible, connecting to my laptop working with my software for hours at a time, simply put, this is something I could not do before getting your software, now I have the freedom of effectually having a computer in my hands which is really my only option."

John O