vnc:// (also iteleport://) URL support

iTeleport now supports URL-based launching.  This means that other iPhone apps can launch iTeleport automatically if you configure them to do this.

You will not need this information unless you're a developer.  If you're unsure what this means, please ignore this page and move on!

Here are the details of how to structure the vnc:// URL:


The slot/value options are:

Slot Value Description
name string The server name stored in iTeleport
port 1-65535 The VNC server's TCP port
vncPassword string The password for the VNC server
computerType 0-3 [0] The computer type (Mac, Windows, Linux, AMX)
bonjourID string The Bonjour ID for discovered servers
sshUsername string SSH username
sshPassword string SSH password
sshEnabled 0-1 [0] Whether SSH is enabled
sshHost string The SSH host field [with optional :port]
forceConnection 0-1 [0] Always connect, even if new server
temporary 0-1 [0] If true, this server cannot be saved

Here is are some examples: