Setting up iTeleport Connect on your PC
  1. Download iTeleport Connect for Windows
  2. Run the installer and click Next through all the steps.

    Windows Installer
  3. Enter your Gmail credentials and click Connect

    Enter your Gmail credentials and click Connect
  4. iTeleport Connect will launch an internal VNC server if you don't already have one running. What if I already have a VNC server running? Screenshot

    If you've already set up a VNC server, click the Advanced Settings option, and choose the option to Search for a VNC server, and give it the port your VNC server is running on (the default VNC port is 5900).

  5. Once iTeleport Connect is Connected, you're done with setting up your PC.

  6. Now set up iTeleport on your iPhone / iPad / iPod touch orĀ iTeleport on your Mac.