What's New in iTeleport Connect for Mac:

v6.0.0.2 (Aug 30th, 2012)

  • Fixed wake issue on Lion and Mountain Lion


v6.0.0.1 (Aug 14th, 2012)

  • Added additional Wake-on-LAN functionality
  • Fixed connection issues with certain networks (e.g. Verizon 3G/4G)
  • PowerPC / Tiger-based Mac users: use iTeleport Connect for PowerPC


v6.0.0.0 (August 1st, 2012)

  • Added Retina MacBook support
  • Fix compatibility with Mountain Lion
  • If you're having trouble with Mountain Lion, try rebooting your machine
  • PowerPC / Tiger-based Mac users: use iTeleport Connect for PowerPC


v5.5.0.2 (July 11th, 2012)


v5.5.0.1 (July 10th, 2012)

  • PowerPC / Tiger-based Mac users: use iTeleport Connect for PowerPC
  • Fixed crash on launch on some Macs
  • Support for better de-duplication with iTeleport for Mac
  • Remove excess console logging


v5.5.0 (July 5th, 2012)

  • PowerPC / Tiger-based Mac users: use this version of iTeleport Connect for PowerPC
  • REMOVED support for PowerPC-based Macs
  • REMOVED support for Tiger-based Macs and older
  • Updated Google connection code to latest code in order to fix crashes and slow connections.

    This breaks compatibility with older versions of iTeleport. Please update iTeleport Connect and iTeleport to version 5.5.0 on all of your devices.

v5.4.0 (January 5th, 2012)

  • NOTE: Last supported version for PowerPC or Tiger-based Macs
  • Added support for iTeleport for Mac.
  • Fixed memory leak with App List for Siri.
  • Fixed Tiger incompatibility issue.


v5.3.0 (December 8th)

  • Added support for iTeleport v5.3.0 app launching.


v5.2.2 (November 18th)

  • Fixed bug where recursive symlinks would cause a crash.


v5.2.1 (November 10th)

  • Fixed support for PowerPC (Xcode 4).


v5.2.0 (November 7th)

  • Added support for Voice Commands. Requires iTeleport v5.2.0+.


v5.1.4 (September 28th)

  • Fixed issue where app would ask for credentials on starting in Lion.


v5.1.3 (September 7th)

  • Fixed issue where app would prevent sleep when running multiple VNC servers.
  • Fixed crash on Tiger running on Intel Macs.


v5.1.2 (August 2nd)

  • Removed need to start logging -- save log file is now always available.
  • Fixed issue where app would say Connecting even though iTeleport Connect was connected.
  • Fixed lock issue with multiple user accounts.


v5.1.1 (July 29th)

  • Improved support for Lion's low power wake mode.
  • Fixed bug where Screen Sharing management was turned off on every launch.
  • Fixed issue where first launch on Lion led to strange behavior.
  • Fixed crash on VNC probe.
  • Fixed CPU spike issue conclusively.


v5.1.0 (July 11th)

  • Added support for Wake-on-LAN (requires iTeleport v5.1.0, currently in review by Apple)
  • Lion support.
  • Better handling for multiple logins on same computer.
  • Improved CPU spike issue.


v5.0.12 (June 29nd)

  • Fix sporadic crashes.


v5.0.11 (June 14th)

  • Improve handling of closed sockets to fix CPU spikes.


v5.0.10 (April 18th)

  • Fix compatibility issue with PowerPC-based Macs.


v5.0.9 (April 15th)

  • Fix issue where network change would cause reconnection issues.
  • Fix issue where network change would cause CPU spikes.


v5.0.8 (February 18th)

  • Fix issue where permissions dialog was showing up at the login screen on every reboot.


v5.0.7 (February 2nd)

  • Add Google Connection Method dropdown in Advanced Settings. Trying a different method may help some users with connection issues.
  • Fix issues with presence showing up incorrectly in some 3rd party chat clients (e.g., Adium).


v5.0.6 (January 9th)

  • Fix sporadic crashes in iTeleport Connect.
  • Fix some cases where iTeleport Connect shows "Connecting..." message indefinitely.


v5.0.5 (December 27th)

  • Fixed issues where dialog appears on computer startup after "Launch on reboot" option is enabled.
  • Added "Clean all settings" button.
  • Logging now only begins once "Start logging" button is pressed in Advanced Settings.


v5.0.4 (December 22nd)

  • Fixed issue where some users were receiving a connection error: "The Server did not support VNC-password authentication."


v5.0.3 (December 15th)

  • Fixed bug where credentials were asked for on login window.


v5.0.2 (December 14th)

  • Fixed crash issue in 5.0.1 on upgrade from 5.0.0.


v5.0.1 (December 14th)

  • Fixed connection issues when upgrading from v4.0.x with SSH enabled.
  • Fixed issues with Launch on reboot.


v5.0.0 (November 25th)

  • Support for Mac OS 10.4 (Tiger) on PowerPC
  • Encryption is enabled internally by default
  • Automatic management of Screen Sharing (auto-start and VNC password simplification)
  • Launch on reboot will now start iTeleport Connect before your login screen shows up
  • Improved auto-update
  • Revamped UI


v4.0.9 (July 27th)

  • Google Talk status does not change when using iTeleport Connect
  • Preferences file is now stored per user, by host


v4.0.8 (June 3rd)

  • Fixed bug where connection didn't succeed with encryption enabled


v4.0.7 (June 2nd)

  • Fixed login issue for users


v4.0.6 (June 1st)

  • Improved connection reliability
  • Fixed CPU usage issue
  • Replaced log textbox with Save button


v4.0.5 (May 1st)

  • No longer outputs logs to Console
  • Reduced verbosity bug on reconnect


v4.0.4 (April 30th)

  • Fixed crashing bug on reconnect after sleep
  • Improved logging verbosity


v4.0.3 (April 29th)

  • Improved functionality with SQUID firewalls


v4.0.2 (April 28th)

  • Improved logging verbosity
  • Fixed bug where log isn't always updated


v4.0.1 (April 26th)

  • Improved reconnect functionality
  • Renamed .app from iTeleportConnect to iTeleport Connect
  • First attempt at a universal binary


v4.0.0 (April 8th)

  • First version with full support for Google-based connection