There are three big pieces to our vision at iTeleport:

  1. The technology: We want to build technology that allows users to access their stuff and control their desktop from anywhere in the world.  The first step in this vision has been the iPhone/iPad app.  The next steps will include areas such as: sharing your videos, your music, your documents, your pictures, even your webcam, and accessing them from your phone or any other mobile device, anywhere, anytime.  We're also working on unique user interface innovations that will revolutionize the remote access user experience.  We're also excited about bringing your desktop applications to your mobile device in a seamless way.

    There's still a long way to go, and there are a lot of technological challenges to achieve this vision.  We're excited to grow the business around innovative, useful technology that has thousands, and hopefully soon millions, of paying users.

  2. Self-growth: We want to build a company that promotes a culture of learning.  This includes learning topics not just directly related to your work, but perhaps areas of interest or tangential areas that may contribute back to the company and to our personal growth.  As an example, we recently spent a week in Atlanta at the annual CHI conference, where bleeding-edge human-computer interaction research is presented from around the world.  It was an incredible experience that we learned a lot from; both from the work that was presented, but mostly through the conversations with others there.  Some of the ideas we came across may be useful for iTeleport products, and some are just interesting ideas that are fun to learn more about.  We envision a culture at iTeleport where employees that have an interest in a subject can take out time to learn it -- perhaps in cooperative learning groups if there's mutual interest.

  3. "Hackers with a Heart": We want to build a company that has social impact as part of its central mission, from day one.  Imagine taking something like 20% time and using it on projects that have an impact in the local community or in communities around the world.  Many people try to do this in their personal lives, but often this results in after-hours / weekend projects that are difficult to sustain, let alone scale.  By dedicating time towards such causes during the work week, we feel we have a chance of making substantial difference.   We're starting by encouraging everyone on the team to take an (optional) day every week to work on a problem that focuses on social impact.  As an example of what’s possible, over the past several weeks we've been taking this time to work with the Khan Academy, a great organization whose goal it is to provide high quality education to everyone, for free.  We're really excited about this part of the iTeleport vision, because it aligns with our values and lets us both build a technology company and be part of work that feels satisfying and fulfilling, and contribute back to the world in a positive way.