iTeleport has integrated with Box!

iTeleport has integrated with, a leading cloud collaboration platform to bring our users even more productive and unique capabilities right from within the app.

With Box integration you can:
  • View a list of Box files within iTeleport
  • Preview supported Box files directly in iTeleport.
  • Open, create, edit Box files on any of your remote computers. Just select which one and you will be connected
  • Email Box files directly from iTeleport.

To learn more about Box and sign up for an account, please visit

Note: Opening files on a remote computer may require an update to iTeleport Connect. If so, you can download it here:
Note: Opening files on a remote computer will be made available in the next update to iTeleport Connect (coming soon).

Frequently Asked Questions:
  • How do I login to Box via iTeleport?
    Simply go into the settings tab, select Box, enable it, and enter your Box credentials
  • How can I see the list of my Box files?
    Once you login to Box via iTeleport, you will see a list of all your files and can select supported files to preview
  • How can I edit a Box file on my computer from iTeleport and then view it in my Box file list?
    There are two ways to do this.
    The easiest is to download Box Sync on your PC or Mac. Then, once you have edited a file using iTeleport to connect to your computer, simply save it in Box Sync and it will display in your Box files list within iTeleport. From here, you can preview or email it. Click on the link to download Box Sync and learn more about it
    The other way is save the file on your computer and then upload it via the Box website. Click on the "Getting Started" tab in the link to learn more
  • What if I am having trouble with my Box account?
    For all Box related issues, please contact Box support via the following link: