Upgrading from iPhone to iPad

Our iPhone app now has native iPad support, and also includes a redesigned remote control view that allows simultaneous screen access.  The update also supports the new and improved iTeleport Connect desktop app, that lets you connect without requiring any networking setup whatsoever.

Many customers have asked why we didn't launch a universal version on April 3rd. The reason for this is that we put in a number of improvements to the app in iTeleport for iPad, such as the redesigned remote, and these weren't ready for the iPhone version at the time.  We wanted to have an iPad version as soon as possible -- in time for the iPad launch, which is why we decided to go ahead with an iPad-only version.  We didn't want our customers to have to pay again, which is why we announced the upgrade clearly on our App Store page as well as on our website. Please note that though further support helps us continue our work -- thank you very much to those of you who have bought both apps.

Thanks for your patience -- we think you'll love the update -- we've worked hard at it and would love to hear back from you when you try the app out.