Touchpad Elite

Touchpad Elite turns your iPhone or iPod touch into a wireless touchpad with which you can control your computer's mouse and keyboard. Use it to control PowerPoint presentations, or even as a remote control when watching videos on your home theatre computer. Inspired by Touchpad Pro.

Mac Setup

  • Enable Apple Remote Desktop or Screen Sharing and start Touchpad Elite and get connected instantly!
  • Touchpad Elite works just like your MacBook trackpad -- you can even use 3-finger vertical and horizontal gestures to launch Expose, show the desktop, and switch applications!
  • Download the modified Vine Server to control iTunes using the media remote within Touchpad Elite! Remember to turn off Apple Remote Desktop or Screen Sharing before using Vine Server.
  • Configure your Mac to enable screen zoom -- you can then zoom in and out of the Mac screen with a pinch gesture in Touchpad Elite.

Windows Setup

  • Install the modified TightVNC-Jaadu server (be sure to uninstall any previously-installed VNC server) and put in a password.
  • Install iTeleport Connect, and enable the No Internet Access option, and set it to search for a VNC server on port 5900.
  • Start Touchpad Elite with your iPhone/iPod connected to the same wifi network as your computer, and you should see the computer in the Discovered list. Tap the server, enter your password and hit connect!
  • Touchpad Elite works just like your touchpad -- you can even use 3-finger horizontal swipe gestures to switch between applications!
  • With the modified TightVNC-Jaadu server, you can also send media keys such as Play, Pause, Stop, Next Track, Previous Track, and Volume Control keys.


  • The controls are exactly the same as iTeleport's controls.
  • Media key controls are in the right-most remote control page.
  • Additionally, 3-finger horizontal swipes (Mac & Windows) control task switching.
  • 3-finger vertical swipes (Mac only) control Expose and Desktop view.


  • Vine Server only shows the main display. To see all displays, use Apple Remote Desktop (Tiger) or Screen Sharing (Leopard).

(TightVNC-Jaadu source, Vine-Jaadu Server source)

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