The Team

Jahanzeb Sherwani: Jahanzeb recently finished his PhD in Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon, where he worked on on speech interfaces for low-literate users in the developing world.  For his research, he spent 3 years in Pakistan to design, develop and evaluate a voice application for female community health workers to access health information by placing a phone call and speaking with a system in their local language.  He is also Adjunct Faculty at Carnegie Mellon's Language Technologies Institute, where he continues his research work.  J is an avid musician, and is looking for people to jam with.

Vishal Kapur: Prior to joining iTeleport, Vishal was Chief Architect at Truveo and a software engineer at Oracle before that.  He graduated from MIT in 2001 with a B.S. and 2002 with a Master's in EECS.  He swims with his eyes to the sky and surfs the web with his back on the ground.  He watches movies with reckless abandon and believes in improv as a life philosophy.

Jieren Chen: Jieren took the scenic route to software development. After graduating from Carnegie Mellon with a B.S. in Economics, he ended up working a variety of jobs at AOL, helping to improve their ad optimization engine. Serendipity intervened when he met Vishal and J at StartupSchool 2010. When he's not writing code, Jieren still nutures ill-concieved dreams of becoming an award-winning rap artist. He also finds it awkward to write about himself in the third-person.